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With Prices Soaring, Brands Shift Focus to Customer Experience

Rather than lowering prices to appease frustrated customers, some retailers are going a different direction. These retailers are working to improve customer experience as a way to reach new and returning customers as prices continue to soar.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Facebook Cuts Off Some Location-Based Services

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Facebook cutting off several of their location-based services, AT&T launching a location-based routing service for 911 calls, TikTok and Foursquare partnering on in-store visit data, and Unilever rolling out a hailable ice cream truck.

New Hires at OpenWeb, GeoPath, and Foursquare

The monthly Street Fight new hires roundup features movers and shakers in adtech, martech, e-commerce, localized marketing, location intelligence, and more. This month’s roundup features new hires at OpenWeb, GeoPath, and Foursquare.

5 E-Bike Startups for On-Demand Delivery Fleets

With the vast majority of last-mile deliveries arriving by bike, a new breed of e-bike startups has cropped up to serve the industry. Startups like GetHenry, Ubco ,and Joco are supplying e-bike fleets to on-demand delivery startups through a subscription model. Logistics companies are finally understanding the need for reliable bike fleets that can scale up or down based on real-time demand, and the need for e-bikes has never been greater.

As Retailers Ramp Up Social Responsibility Efforts, Consumers Focus on Prices

ENGINE found that consumers are preferring to make less frequent, larger trips for everyday household items. Walmart and Amazon came in as the two most popular retailers among consumers shopping for everyday items.


The Web3 Brand Mentality: Tips for Marketers

With more companies starting to take the plunge into this new reality, are brand marketers prepared to determine if they, too, should get involved—even if to target NFT-related content? Or does web3 still feel more akin to the latest industry wave brands must ride for fear of missing out?

Yelp Launches Request a Call to Connect Local Service Providers and Customers

Yelp announced this morning Request a Call, a feature that will allow customers to easily submit a request for a call to local service providers. The feature represents Yelp’s acknowledgement that there is still too much friction in the local services customer experience and that listings and review sites can help.

Aircam Pioneers Local Solution for Visual Search

The Rifkin brothers, who also co-founded Burstly, the company behind the mobile app-testing service TestFlight, found a way to pivot by turning their live event marketplace into a geofenced event photography business that offers local semantic photography solutions at scale.

Integral Ad Science Brings Together Contextual Targeting and Measurement

Integral Ad Science announced this morning its Control Panel, a new product that will allow advertisers to plan, measure, and optimize contextual targeting campaigns in one place.

TruPresence Helps Multi-Location Marketers Audit SEO Across Locations

Let’s say you’re a marketer at Whole Foods corporate who is responsible for auditing SEO performance across hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide. How do you audit the performance of this given URL, which looks like just a part of Whole Foods’ website but essentially functions like the independent website of a local business? How do you swiftly audit hundreds or thousands of those pages?

What Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ Expansion Means for Local Merchants

Buy with Prime could accelerate Amazon’s growth and merchant adoption of FBA. It could also lead to a shift in order fulfillment volume from the third-party logistics companies that many merchants currently use for order fulfillment over to FBA. That’s good news for Amazon but bad news for third-party logistics companies and post-purchase experience platforms working primarily with mid-size merchants.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Walmart, Snapchat, and Allrecipes Team Up on AR

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Walmart, Snapchat, and Allrecipes teaming up on AR lenses for healthy choices, Joann stores partnering with Radar for in-store mobile offers, HomeStart saving families from eviction by selling digital apartments in the Cornerstone metaverse, and Italian start-up VADO connecting vending machines to delivery apps like UberEats.

Reveal Mobile Launches OOH Measurement Platform

The location intelligence and geofencing marketing software company Reveal Mobile launched a self-service out of home measurement platform this morning. The platform delivers insights for “traditional, digital, place-based, programmatic, and moving OOH ad campaigns,” according to the company.

GumGum Partners with Xandr on Transparent Ad Solution

With growing demand for cookieless targeting solutions, the contextual-first global digital advertising platform ​​GumGum announced a partnership with Xandr on an accredited cookieless solution for advertisers. Xandr now becomes the first major DSP to offer GumGum’s contextual intelligence technology, Verity, to allow brands to ensure their ads are placed in contextually relevant environments.

The Ongoing Challenge of Reputation Management for Multi-Location Brands

The good news is that the bar is relatively low for a brand to exceed the median reputation performance level of all multi-location businesses. The bad news is that brands are still struggling to implement comprehensive review response programs.

How Local Human-Driven Outreach is Helping Multi-Location Restaurants Grow Sales

Seeing first-hand the challenges that restaurants are facing as the founder and CEO of the digital marketing startup Field Day, Alex Nocifera recently rolled out a local subscription service that uses human-to-human connections to help restaurant brands manage local sales opportunities for catering. The program is primarily aimed at local franchise operators, offering last-mile marketing outreach to drive demand.

The Middle Ground on Personalization

What is the most viable critique of personalization, and what form should personalization take to provide real value to marketers and consumers?

5 Voice Marketing Platforms for Brands

More than 33 million consumers in the U.S. are expected to shop using a smart speaker in 2022, and 51% of online shoppers now use voice assistants to research products before they buy. With more consumers relying on Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri to search for local products and services, brands are looking at how to incorporate voice into their existing marketing strategies.

To Crack Open CTV’s Data Issue, Give Publishers the Benefit of the Doubt

There is an opportunity to take some of the best strategies from decades of linear TV buying and selling and bring that forward. Adding intelligence on the supply side for CTV, while at the same time empowering the buy side to use that data to deliver scale, ensures that video has the breadth to do what it does best: power awareness and build brands.

Combating Ad Fraud with Machine Learning and Human Supervision

While machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the rise within ad fraud prevention efforts, it’s becoming clear that machines, despite their competence for processing knowledge, can’t fight the battle alone. Ultimately, humans are much more adept at understanding and applying logic. That’s why a combination of machine learning and manual, human intervention is crucial in the fight against ad fraud.